Hi Inesa,

How are things? Are you still at home?

Dear Inesa, I have some shocking news. The world is in peace now, the coronavirus is over. I am so excited, I have just seen that shocking news on the internet. An Armenian scientist has found medicine of this virus and all the sick people have drunk it and have treated their disease. Morever, the government has thrown it to the sky and as a result, the air has become clean and fresh. Now you can go out, breathe fresh air, go shopping, visit our school. That Armenian doctor whose name is George Tadevosyan is awarded a medal and is known all over the world. Next Monday we will go to school, everything will be the same as usual, the streets will be full of people, the gardens will be full of children, we will be again in hustle and bustle, You can not imagine how I am happy as if the world is under my feet. What do you think about this?

Anyway, see you next week,
All the best, Hamik

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